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One Montana nurtures and connects communities and diverse stakeholder groups and helps them to address challenging local and statewide issues. 

Through these efforts, we build trust and shared understanding of issues, and create a foundation for potential solutions. We have earned the title of “trusted catalyst” and are known for our ability to help implement strategies or solutions to increase resiliency and sustainability.

Our Approach

Our areas of interest include rural-urban connections, rural economic development, agriculture and local food systems, climate change, education, healthcare, natural resources and working lands.


WE BRING THE PEOPLE TO THE TABLE. We assemble people with different backgrounds and perspectives—farmers and ranchers, landowner associations, climate scientists, sportsmen’s groups, universities, agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and others—who have a shared interest in solving a particular challenge.

WE INVEST IN THE “TABLE”. By bringing diverse perspectives together in a safe place we build trust and shared understanding of the problem, and create a foundation for potential solutions.

WE HELP TO IMPLEMENT EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS. Working with the community or stakeholders we help implement a strategy or specific solution to increase resiliency and sustainability.

All of One Montana’s programs are grounded in this model and driven by the vision of sustaining and bettering Montana's way of life.  We listen, we learn, and in an equitable manner facilitate solutions. The model is replicable and proven.  In some cases, One Montana will lead and manage the project and in others, we will identify leaders and help the project to flourish and stand on its own.  And in many cases, these conversations cannot happen without One Montana.

One Montana’s success leading dialogues and bringing stakeholders together to build resilience and help communities adapt to changing times has established us as a trusted catalyst for moving Montana forward.