One Montana Collaboration Center

One-Stop Shopping for Community Resources

One Montana's website and staff will serve as a robust and practical resource for community building that professionals and ordinary citizens can use in everyday practice. It will be a “one stop shop” for connecting communities to organizations, and organizations to each other - the only place listing state agencies, university programs, and nonprofits in one place. It will help communities collaborate on a wide range of community development issues that bridge the rural-urban divide.

The One Montana Collaboration Center will include:

  • An annotated, searchable listing of every resource in Montana - university program, state agency, nonprofit, etc. - that communities can use to address complex community development issues.
  • A toolbox of informational and educational resources to help address those projects, such as steps for collaboration and best practices for project management.
  • A referral service to connect multiple groups that are addressing complex, interrelated projects to promote collaboration and increased effectiveness.

We have already successfully catalogued available resources in the Montana University System and we are in the process of evaluating state agencies, nonprofit and for profit resources. Our current university listings are here: