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Online Program Aims To Help Rural Montanans Access Mental Healthcare

Limited access to therapists, cost and stigma around mental health can make it difficult for rural Montanans to get the care they need. Now, Bozeman researchers are testing and adapting a new online program that’s been shown to side-step those barriers and reduce depression and anxiety for adults. Bill Bryan says people living in rural parts of the state face extra hurdles to getting mental health support compared to their urban counterparts. Bryan is the co-founder of the non-profit organization One Montana, which seeks to bridge gaps between urban and rural Montana. “If you live in Circle, Montana and you...

Billings High School Students Get Real-World Sales Experience

This Billings Gazette article highlights a unique approach to teaching teens about entrepreneurship. Scott Hanson is one of seven Montana pilot educators in the Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) program, which One Montana is helping to bring to schools throughout Montana. This article covers Scott's "Market Day," a capstone activity of YE's curriculum. Scott is providing an expanded model of what Market Day could be for schools, especially those in urban areas.